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Creating your identity online – Domain Name

We are all known by identities. That’s why you have a name, your business has a name and your school has a name. Identity is king. Online, you will need to have an identity. This will be what we will all know your business with. Online identities are called domain names. They are actually web addresses. A web address starts with a www. and ends with a domain extension like .com, .org, .net etc Online, identity is everything. Your identity can make the difference between making money online. A well thought identity easily shifts into a brand.

Identity: This is what you want the world to identify your business with. Your online identity should be related to your business. It could be your name or business name.

Brand: Your identity is what you develop into your brand. Anything else will follow your brand. This is what will give you long time business. If you wish to develop more than one passion (both yours or within your family), you could go the brand way. The passions would all ride on a brand name.

Domain Name: With your identity and your brand-to-be, then think of a domain name. A domain name is your web address. This is what you will market. It will be your brand. Your customers will know your business by it. The few aspects to consider in selecting your domain name are:

  1. Should be related to your niche
  2. Should be simple and not difficult to remember. Short is good.
  3. Should be understandable by your market. It should not be controversial
  4. Should be easy to market.

A domain name can have an international extension like .com, .net, .biz or country extensions like (for Kenya), (for South Africa) or niche extensions like .tv

When selecting a domain, you could use the following combinations to come up with a superb domain name that will sell for you. You can use:

  1. Your name. Especially where you are a professional like motivation speaker, author, trainer etc the resultant domain is
  2. Your business name like (where your business name is ADEA AFRICA). Good when your business is known.
  3. Your brand name like (where ADEA is your brand name). Only use this if your brand is known.
  4. Your niche market like This is good if you want to dominate the niche internationally or nationally (you can pick a country domain extension)
  5. Your location. Location only domains are effective if you want to market one thing that the location is best known for like for tourism.
  6. A combination of the following:
    1. Niche  and location like (can be shortened by a country extension like )
    2. Business name and niche like
    3. Business name and location like (especially where you want to take your brand beyond borders. It can be shortened by a country extension like )
    4. Business name, niche and location like  (This can be shortened by a country extension like )

The best domain name selection all depends on what you are selling. If you are selling yourself, then your name is the best domain, if you are selling a product or service, in a certain area, then niche plus location is the best. If you have a business name, it will be worthwhile to include it on the domain to popularize it. My favorite is when I depict my brand and niche in a domain. It kills two birds with one stone.

There are some terms that are often used in the domain world. Domain registration is the process of registering a new domain. Domain renewal is renewal of domain after a certain period. Most people renew domains after every year. Domain transfer is the process of moving domain name from one domain registrar to another. A domain registrar is the authorized entity with the mandate to register, renew and transfer a domain name.

If you would like advice on how to curve out a domain name, you can contact us and we will give you the consult for free.

Remember that domain names are very competitive. If you find one that suits you, register it immediately.


Host your business online – Web Hosting

The success of an online business is on the reliability of the web hosting. If you have very efficient web server, then your business can be guaranteed to open 24 hours a day throughout the year.

First, let’s introduce you to web hosting. Web hosting or web space or web server is where you store your online files and emails. Once you create your website, you will need to host it on the web server for the world to find it. You also need a space where you can store the email messages that your clients send.

The use of web hosting is to:

  1. Host the website pages
  2. Host the email messages
  3. Host the email marketing platform
  4. Host other domain names

A good web host should have the following:

  1. Enough web space and bandwidth.
  2. Have Cpanel (Control Panel to manage the hosting)
  3. Have unlimited databases (MYSQL is preferred)
  4. Have unlimited email accounts hosting capability.
  5. Should be reliable. Have a 99 percent uptime
  6. Have ability to create sub domains
  7. Up scalable web hosting for future expansion
  8. Backup services (At least weekly backups if not daily)
  9. Should be affordable.
  10. Great support in case of downtime.

It’s always advisable to get hosting from the same person who will register your domain name. This ensures that the integration between the domain name and web hosting is seemless. It also reduces on your annual cost of maintaining the website and a one point on contact for support.

We are assuming that you already have a domain name. If yes, go ahead and get web hosting. If not, you can still get one together with the hosting. To get hosting, click GET WEB HOSTING NOW


Summary and Q&A on Domain & Hosting

Thank you for being with us this far. This session is to answer the several questions that people have asked us. These answers might also give you a deeper understanding of this program.

Why are you offering this program for such a low fee?

This program is partially sponsored. Our main aim is to assist all those people who have business ideas to start them with as minimal capital overlay as possible. The more entrepreneurs we create, the more jobs are create and the better the world.

Are the domain registrar and web host reliable?

Yes. We choose partners who are very reliable and professional. They have also been in the business for time and have quite a number of clients in their portfolio.

What if i have a website already developed and hosted?

Well, if you have a website, the best thing is to undertake the program and find out if your website conforms to the standards set. If not, you could have the site refined. Also, it’s advisable to transfer your domain and hosting to our partners so that they can effectively manage your account. Also, you could just contact us and we will check your website and advice you accordingly.

How do I transfer a domain name to you?

If you would like to transfer a domain name to our partners, you just need to get in touch with us with your request and we will facilitate the process for you.

Can the domain name be changed after registration?

First once you register a domain, its final. By changing it, you just have to abandon the domain and register another of your current choice. This will cost you double the cost. Its not advisable to change a domain when you have already started promoting it. It’s like changing your brand. And once you change it, your previous effort goes to drain. That’s why you need to give it a thought before registering the domain. Just to be sure that it what you want to stick with for a few decades.

Can I have two ideas?

Yes. Most people have more than one idea . It’s always advisable to first concentrate on one and take it off the ground. If you feel that later you will develop more than one idea, the best way is to go the brand way. Choose a brand name that you will need to use. Then develop your ideas on the brand. For instance, if you have an idea for baking and also for kids toys, you could look for a brand name that could be share by the two ideas. If you take YUM  as a brand name, you could come up with and You could just register one business named Yum Enterprises to manage the brands.

I am unemployed and do not have capital to start a business?

This program is meant for you. After the program, you will be able to start a business with very minimal cost. The system has the lowest maintenance fee a business can ever have. Just under USD 3 dollars per month. To many businesses, that’s a fraction of one order’s profit.

I am employed. Will I manage?

Most of the successful business persons you see where once employed. Most of them started their businesses while they were still employed. The best is for you to start your business, manage orders and have someone to deliver for you. You can then consider getting fulltime in business with time.

Do I need to manufacture the products?

If you do, you can continue. The website will assist you in marketing. If not, you just need to arrange with a vendor and have him sell the products to you in wholesale. You then retail them at a margin. For a service, you also do not need to deliver yourself. You can arrange with a provider and be pushing business to them for a commission. The key is to be passionate about the product or service.

What happens after registering the domain name and getting hosting?

After registering the domain and getting web hosting, you can officially start emailing. You can email to your friends and ice break on your business ideas. Tell them to expect your shop to open online soon.

Afterwards, we will start developing the website. it will only take 3 days to complete it.


What is domain name?

Domain or domain name is the web address. This is the address that online visitors will visit to access your website. This is a must remember address because its very pivotal when e-marketing. Its one statement that you should keep in your mind and keep uttering it frequently when you want people to know more about your organization. Like myself, i cannot count how many time i mention in a day. Even now, i have just mentioned it. That’s the domain.

Domain Selection

Before searching and registering a domain, its essential to first understand its levels. These are denoted by the last letters after the dot (.) and including it. For instance in, its .com There are international top level and local level domains. .com and .org are international whereas and are local level domains. Domains are also categorized according to sectors. The .com, and .net are meant for businesses (for profits) and .org, and also .net are meant for development organizations (not for profits). .edu, and are for academia and schools. So ensure that you choose a  level relevant to your organization’s purpose.

After choosing a level, choose the name to use. The name of your organization is more ideal because it directly speaks out your organization identity hence marketing it. This is common especially in Small and medium organizations. On large organizations, they often register domains for brands or projects. For the same reason; to market the brand or the project. Note that domains should be easy to remember. That’s why short, familiar and unique domains are catchy. Ensure that your domain is catchy!

Domain Name search

Domain names are like business names. They are unique. For one to own one, it has to be searched for availability. Then registered. This is referred to as Domain name Search. The chances of finding the one of your choice becomes slim depending on the gateways. For instance international domain has low probability than local domains. Due to low chances of availability, you need to be flexible. For instance, if the business is ADEAHOST Online and i want a .com gateway, i will take the first option as, then second option as and last option as I will graduate these options depending on availability. This is how i ended up with the first option because it was available.

Domain Name Registration

After domain is searched and its availability confirmed, its the time to register it. Domain Name Registration is done through a domain registra. Its not as hard and procedural as registering a business. It only takes some few minutes to do it. Some domains are procedure free while others need a little procedure. For instance a .com,, .org, are procedure free; just identify it and give the name to registra to register it. Its that simple. Others like .edu,, needs some paperwork.

Domain Management

After registering the domain, it needs to be pointed to a web server. This is where hosting becomes necessary. You need to buy web hosting where to house it. With that, then you will be able to manage it; create emails and sub domains and park and forward it.

Subdomain is child domain that creates a hosting for another sub website. They are used where content different from the main site needs to be created. For example, Bizkenya is a site targeting small and medium organizations countrywide but if we would want a small Biznairobi, we would create a subdomain with the web In the corporate world, they use subdomains to create specific content for branches, projects and brands.

Domain parking is where you register a domain with intentions of developing a website later. You are allowed to park your domain anywhere in the internet. For instance you can park it at your other site or a friend’s site or even a resource site. This directs your visitors to the park site. Domain forwarding acts pretty like domain parking.

All these includes the functions of Domain Management

Domain Transfer

Sometime you feel that you are not getting the best service from your domain registra or web host. You can transfer your domain to someone that can provide that.