ADEAHOST is managed by the greater technological consortium ADEA GROUP. ADEA GROUP is incorporated in Kenya with the head office located in Nairobi.

We are a technological firm offering IT consulting and support to businesses, organizations and institutions in Kenya. We have a bias to SMES, education and health sector. On our portfolio, we have businesses, Not-for-Profit organizations, churches, schools, colleges, hospitals and clinics and government institutions across the region. We have customers ranging from urban and rural, small and large, businesses or organizations, individuals and groups of all walks of life.

ADEAHOST provide your with online tools and solutions. We will register your domain name, offer web hosting and web design services. We ensure that you will have an online presence. We believe that every business and organization should get online. And we make sure that you are in deed online, all the times.

We should be online. Get online today!

You can visit ADEA GROUP website at www.adea.co