ADEA offer web design and development services for small, medium and large corporations. We design websites that not only market for you but also convert visitors and prospects into clients or members hence creating value for your business or organization. These websites are hosted and maintained on the ADEA HOST servers.

$150 One-Time
5 Pages
10 Photos
Dynamic & Responsive
Delivery: 5 days
$300 One-Time
20 Pages
40 Photos
Dynamic & Responsive
Delivery: 10 days
$500 One-Time
30 Pages
60 Photos
Dynamic & Responsive
Delivery: 14 days
$700 One-Time
50 Pages
100 Photos
Dynamic & Responsive
Delivery: 21 days

*The above web design prices are One off. To get more pages and photos, you get at an extra fee of USD 10 for 1 pages and 2 photos.

What do we do in web design and development?

Website Design: ADEA will design a website that will put together your information into profile, products or projects for your clients perusal upon which they will act by inquiring, ordering, requesting quotation, buying, downloading, subscribing or donating. This is the system that will convince your clients to buy from you. We only specialize on making fully search engine optimized (SEO) functional and elegant dynamic websites.

Website Maintenance: We help you to update and maintain your website. Your website does not have to be out-dated. You can just send information and we will do updating within 12 hours. We charge a fee of USD 50 per year for 3 minor updates. If your updates are not many, you could pay USD 20 per update. Major updates are charged depending on the nature and magnitude of the update.