Promo Terms and Conditions

Find below the terms and conditions of the present promotions that we currently have on this website.

  1. The domain names allowed for registration on this offer are .com  .net .org .biz .info
  2. Web hosting provided is per the package. You can always upgrade any time.
  3. The web design provided is per the package.
  4. The amount payable takes care of web design and a one year subscription of domain and web hosting. You will be required to renew the same every year to maintain your website online.
  5. This offer does not include Online Marketing. Online marketing will be arranged afterwards between the client and the firm.
  6. The offer is valid to those people who pay the full amount upon signup. The work will commence once the full amount is paid.
  7. Two equal Installments are allowed. The first installment will register the domain and web hosting which will be delivered to you the same day. You need to pay the last installment for us to begin the design work. Design work is complete in 3-5 days.
  8. This offer is valid to both people residing within or outside Kenya.
  9. Any feature outside what is stipulated in this offer should be paid for accordingly.

These Promotion’s Terms and conditions are valid for the present promos on this website.

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