Dedicated server is a solution for those who need more control of their online web servers. If you would like to install applications and software on your server, look no further. They are of two kinds; Semi Dedicated (VPS) or fully Dedicated Server.

$40 Per Month
Single Core - VPS
1.96 GHz
60GB Hard Disk
1000GB Bandwidth
Linux OS
1 Dedicated IP
$70 Per Month
Dual Core - VPS
3.20 GHz
100GB Hard Disk
2000GB Bandwidth
Linux / Windows OS
1 Dedicated IP
DS One
$120 Per Month
Intel E3-1220LV2
2.30 GHz Dual Core w/HT
1000 GB HDD in RAID 1
5 TB Bandwidth
Linux / Windows OS
2 Dedicated IPs
DS Two
$200 Per Month
Intel E3-1230V2
3.20 GHz Quad Core w/HT
1000 GB HDD in RAID 1
15 TB Bandwidth
Linux / Windows OS
2 Dedicated IPs

ADDONS: Dedicated IP Address at $3.99 / Mon | CPanel/WHM at $20 / Mon | WHMCS at $7 / Mon | Extra Storage at $15 / Mon / 50GB (Upto 500GB)

*Our servers have full root access. The prices above are billed per month, if you pay for a whole year, you will get a 10% discount. We charge no setup fee. The Servers are ready in 30 minutes.

Semi Dedicated Server (VPS)

A Virtual Private Server ( VPS ) is the best solution for an organization or business that has outgrown shared web hosting and need more server control. VPS is a virtual computer, sold as a service and its owner has superuser-level access to the operating system (Windows or linux) instance, so they can install almost any software that runs on that OS. VPS servers are semi dedicated and operate on virtualization technology to make them autonomous.

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is the ultimate web server for the businesses. If you need speed, security, space and control, a dedicated server is your solution. A dedicated server is 100% allocated to the customer hence having full and sole control of a whole machine in a data center. These are the servers that are used by companies to run their systems. If you have an ERP or any other operational system, that need to run on a web server, a dedicated server is highly recommended. Lease a dedicated server today.

Benefits of having a web server over web hosting

  • Control: With web servers, you have server root access, hence you can install software into your server.
  • Performance: Web servers are dedicated and not shared hence have increased performance
  • Security: The fact that you have a server by yourself makes it less prone to intrusion as might be the case with shared web hosting.
  • Email Restrictions: Shared web hosting has sending limit on the outgoing email messages. This is not the case with web servers.
  • Database restriction: On shared hosting, your database can only build up to a certain size. In web servers, your database is as big as your space.
  • Space: If you require defined and dedicated space, web servers provide that.