What is domain name?


What is domain name?

Domain or domain name is the web address. This is the address that online visitors will visit to access your website. This is a must remember address because its very pivotal when e-marketing. Its one statement that you should keep in your mind and keep uttering it frequently when you want people to know more about your organization. Like myself, i cannot count how many time i mention www.adeahost.com in a day. Even now, i have just mentioned it. That’s the domain.

Domain Selection

Before searching and registering a domain, its essential to first understand its levels. These are denoted by the last letters after the dot (.) and including it. For instance in www.adeahost.com, its .com There are international top level and local level domains. .com and .org are international whereas .co.ke and .or.ke are local level domains. Domains are also categorized according to sectors. The .com, .co.ke and .net are meant for businesses (for profits) and .org, .or.ke and also .net are meant for development organizations (not for profits). .edu, .ac.ke and .sc.ke are for academia and schools. So ensure that you choose a  level relevant to your organization’s purpose.

After choosing a level, choose the name to use. The name of your organization is more ideal because it directly speaks out your organization identity hence marketing it. This is common especially in Small and medium organizations. On large organizations, they often register domains for brands or projects. For the same reason; to market the brand or the project. Note that domains should be easy to remember. That’s why short, familiar and unique domains are catchy. Ensure that your domain is catchy!

Domain Name search

Domain names are like business names. They are unique. For one to own one, it has to be searched for availability. Then registered. This is referred to as Domain name Search. The chances of finding the one of your choice becomes slim depending on the gateways. For instance international domain has low probability than local domains. Due to low chances of availability, you need to be flexible. For instance, if the business is ADEAHOST Online and i want a .com gateway, i will take the first option as www.adeahost.com, then second option as www.adeahostonline.com and last option as www.adeahost-online.com I will graduate these options depending on availability. This is how i ended up with the first option because it was available.

Domain Name Registration

After domain is searched and its availability confirmed, its the time to register it. Domain Name Registration is done through a domain registra. Its not as hard and procedural as registering a business. It only takes some few minutes to do it. Some domains are procedure free while others need a little procedure. For instance a .com, .co.ke, .org, .or.ke are procedure free; just identify it and give the name to registra to register it. Its that simple. Others like .edu, .ac.ke, .sc.ke needs some paperwork.

Domain Management

After registering the domain, it needs to be pointed to a web server. This is where hosting becomes necessary. You need to buy web hosting where to house it. With that, then you will be able to manage it; create emails and sub domains and park and forward it.

Subdomain is child domain that creates a hosting for another sub website. They are used where content different from the main site needs to be created. For example, Bizkenya is a site targeting small and medium organizations countrywide but if we would want a small Biznairobi, we would create a subdomain with the web addresswww.nairobi.adeahost.com In the corporate world, they use subdomains to create specific content for branches, projects and brands.

Domain parking is where you register a domain with intentions of developing a website later. You are allowed to park your domain anywhere in the internet. For instance you can park it at your other site or a friend’s site or even a resource site. This directs your visitors to the park site. Domain forwarding acts pretty like domain parking.

All these includes the functions of Domain Management

Domain Transfer

Sometime you feel that you are not getting the best service from your domain registra or web host. You can transfer your domain to someone that can provide that.

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