Summary and Q&A on Domain & Hosting


Summary and Q&A on Domain & Hosting

Thank you for being with us this far. This session is to answer the several questions that people have asked us. These answers might also give you a deeper understanding of this program.

Why are you offering this program for such a low fee?

This program is partially sponsored. Our main aim is to assist all those people who have business ideas to start them with as minimal capital overlay as possible. The more entrepreneurs we create, the more jobs are create and the better the world.

Are the domain registrar and web host reliable?

Yes. We choose partners who are very reliable and professional. They have also been in the business for time and have quite a number of clients in their portfolio.

What if i have a website already developed and hosted?

Well, if you have a website, the best thing is to undertake the program and find out if your website conforms to the standards set. If not, you could have the site refined. Also, it’s advisable to transfer your domain and hosting to our partners so that they can effectively manage your account. Also, you could just contact us and we will check your website and advice you accordingly.

How do I transfer a domain name to you?

If you would like to transfer a domain name to our partners, you just need to get in touch with us with your request and we will facilitate the process for you.

Can the domain name be changed after registration?

First once you register a domain, its final. By changing it, you just have to abandon the domain and register another of your current choice. This will cost you double the cost. Its not advisable to change a domain when you have already started promoting it. It’s like changing your brand. And once you change it, your previous effort goes to drain. That’s why you need to give it a thought before registering the domain. Just to be sure that it what you want to stick with for a few decades.

Can I have two ideas?

Yes. Most people have more than one idea . It’s always advisable to first concentrate on one and take it off the ground. If you feel that later you will develop more than one idea, the best way is to go the brand way. Choose a brand name that you will need to use. Then develop your ideas on the brand. For instance, if you have an idea for baking and also for kids toys, you could look for a brand name that could be share by the two ideas. If you take YUM  as a brand name, you could come up with and You could just register one business named Yum Enterprises to manage the brands.

I am unemployed and do not have capital to start a business?

This program is meant for you. After the program, you will be able to start a business with very minimal cost. The system has the lowest maintenance fee a business can ever have. Just under USD 3 dollars per month. To many businesses, that’s a fraction of one order’s profit.

I am employed. Will I manage?

Most of the successful business persons you see where once employed. Most of them started their businesses while they were still employed. The best is for you to start your business, manage orders and have someone to deliver for you. You can then consider getting fulltime in business with time.

Do I need to manufacture the products?

If you do, you can continue. The website will assist you in marketing. If not, you just need to arrange with a vendor and have him sell the products to you in wholesale. You then retail them at a margin. For a service, you also do not need to deliver yourself. You can arrange with a provider and be pushing business to them for a commission. The key is to be passionate about the product or service.

What happens after registering the domain name and getting hosting?

After registering the domain and getting web hosting, you can officially start emailing. You can email to your friends and ice break on your business ideas. Tell them to expect your shop to open online soon.

Afterwards, we will start developing the website. it will only take 3 days to complete it.

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