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Why is .rw domain so expensive?

When i first came accross .rw domain, i was shocked by its cost. I also realized that it was hardly developed into second level domains un like other east african domains. Its until recently that i realized the reason behind.

East African country Rwanda looks set to become the last country in the world to gain control over its own web domain. Frederic Gregoire has held registration rights for Rwanda domains since 1995 under his Swiss-based company NIC Congo – Interpoint. He was offering the domain to rwandese for free and a fortune to others. Gregoire registered the domain name through the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the organisation charged with coordinating the internet’s domain names, in 1995 when registration was based on a first come, first served basis.

Its in 2005 when the Rwanda government approached ICANN and requested to be allowed to manage their domain. Initially, ICANN and Gregoire doubted the ability of Rwanda to manage the domain. This has lend to a struggle that has lasted 7 years. Its until late 2012 that ICANN and Gregoire have agreed to allow .rw to be managed by rwanda. The domain management and marketing will be handled by the new government arm Rwanda Information and Communication Technology Association (RICTA).

We presume that at least the cost of the domain will drastically drop. It should drop ten times from the current USD349 to around USD 34 at par with other east africans ccTLDs.


Domain Name FAQs

Domain Name FAQs

What domain do you register?

We do international domain names registration like .com, .org, .net, .info, .biz

And also local domains ( ccTLD ) like .ke for kenya, .ug for uganda, .tz for tanzania, .rw for rwanda and .bi for burundi. Apart from .rw and .bi, others are available in second level domain extensions like,,,,,,,,,,, Most people are fans of domain extension .com and .org whose registration is open to all globally.

What is a domain name?

A domain or domain name or also domainname is a web address. Its also sometime referred as website name or url. The domain usually spell out the identity of the individual or organization. You can have several domain names depending on you needs. . In a domain, there is the name and the extension. Like, adeahost is the name and .com is the extenstion.  A domain with .com extension is commercial and one with .org is not-for-profit. No domain name is supposed to have spaces.

What is domain registration?

This is the process of registering your name using the preferred extension through a domain registrar. Registration of domain names is done in a few minutes. At adeaHOST, we register domain for Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi. You register a domain to enhance your identity online.

How is domain registered?

At domain registration, we send the client’s information to registra and a confirmation for the domain to be registered. This process takes a few minutes.

Who is domain registrar?

Domain registrar is the only authority in registering domains. Each domain extension has its own domain registra like .com and .net are enom and .ke extensions are KENIC. This registrar of domain registers on behalf of the owners. He is an agent.

Which domain registrar can i use?

It all depend on the domain extension you want to register. You can register your domain with any of registra or their agents. You can check our Domain Page for the extensions we can register for you.

Are there free domains?

Its very hard to get a free domain name. Whether .com, .org or even country based domain. Unless you get someone to pay and sponsor you. This is unlike hosting where you can offer free hosting alongside the paid. In domains, what you can get free are domain forwarding, DNS management, domain privacy or email forwarding.

What is domain renewal?

A domain is register for specific period; 1 year through to 10 years. After the period, it need to be renewed for another preferred period.

What is domain expiry?

If you do not renew your domain, it expires. As domain expires, it takes 30-45 days where you can renew then it move to redemption stage.  A domain from redemption stage takes 5-7 days to be deleted from the registrar servers. Then its available again for registration.


What is domain transfer?

You might feel unhappy with your domain management and feel you need to change. Then you can transfer your domain to us.

How to manage domain?

Domain management is not hard. It involves checking the server redirections and renewal. Actually, one your register, redirect to a hosting server and remember to renew, your domain management work ends. Unless you will want to change hosting.

Is my domain safe?

The servers at domain registry are secure.

Where is domain located?

A domain name is registered and maintained in a remote rigistrar’s server. Then its pointed to the preferred hosting server. The domain is redirected to website hosting through A records and to email hosting through MX records.

How domain work?

Once you type a domain on web browser, the browser identify the DNS address of domain registra server and moves there. The server then redirects to the pointed web and email hosting servers where the website or emails are found.

Domain search

To lookup for a domain, you have to search it. This search lookup reveals the available domain names ready to be registered. If a domain is registered, you can check its details at domain whois.

Why register with adeahost?

•             We ensure that domain registration is done fast.

•             You can get a domain at any time.

•             Be it domain registration or transfer, we assure you reliability.

•             Our domain is bundled with hosting product.

•             As domain registra, we advice on domain that sell. Those that are unique.

•             We are proud to be your domain registra.

•             adeaHOST provides superb services right from domain and hosting to SSL certificates and SEO optimization.

•             Get your domain today! Be domain compliant.


Web Hosting FAQs

Web Hosting FAQs

What is hosting

Web hosting,  website hosting, web server means the same thing. Webhosting inludes the web space where you can host your website files and also your emails. So a hosting includes an email hosting platform and a website hosting platform all managed under CPANEL (control panel). What hosting can do for you is only limited by your imagination.

Which Hosting is the best?

When we talk about hosting, the biggest question lies in which hosting is the best? The web hosting features largely depend on the hosting disk space and the bandwidth. This also is the limiting and differentiation factor for various hosting packages. A hosting package differs only on space and monthly bandwidth. Whether unlimited web hosting or free hosting, it all depend on the extra value-added features, space you need and the usage.

Which webhost is the best?

When selecting a web host ensure that they have prompt support.  Having your website online is not the end. You need to get instant support when you need it.

How hosting work?

  • How to host a website: Hosting website is easy. To host a website, you can upload your website through FTP or through file manager at your cpanel.
  • Hosting web applications in our servers is possible. You can upload them as zipped files through file manager in the cpanel and uncompress them or choose and install them

Where hosting is done?

Where can i do my hosting? US, UK, Australia? We have partnered with datacenters that operate server mirrors in different continents. That means that if one of them fails, it recieve backup from the other.

Why Hosting with adeaHOST

  • When hosting at adeaHOST, you will be able to acquire web hosting which is adequate and upgradable.
  • Right from hosting and domain registration, SSL certificate installation and SEO optimization, we guarantee the best services and support ever.
  • Hosting to us is our core business. Actually, web hosting for you is our main concern. There is nothing we know better than hosting. We believe in hosting.
  • We do hosting on very reliable servers. We ensure that hosting of websites and emails is also safe and secure. Web hosting with us is definitely hosting in internet security.
  • At adeaHOST web hosting is done in minutes.
  • We do web hosting from Monday to Monday 24/7/365 days in an year.
  • At adeaHOST, web hosting is done by a highly professional technical team.
  • We host for all kind of people, from all walks of life in eastern africa.
  • On hosting and once the hosting is configured, we will offer you with your Cpanel interface.  From your cpanel, you will be able to manage your hosting.
  • We offer .com hosting amidst .org, .net, .biz, .info and various country based domain names.
  • We are the best website host in eastern africa. We have east africans at heart.

When can i host?

When can i do hosting. I advice, do it now. Once you get hosting, you can start emailing immediately, as you wait to develop the website. Also application based websites need domain and hosting to be developed.  If you want to do hosting this moment, Order Now!


Google Apps Engine

Google Apps Engine

Google is google. That when google likes you, you get real good friends. If otherwise, you are doomed. With all its might in the internet and web world, google has brought to web developers a saviour. Google Apps engine.

Google apps engine is a cloud. Here, you can be able to choose the platform that you need hosted and in a few clicks have it installed in your account. Applications like accounting, ERP, CRM, marketing, sales leads generation, emailing and many more are hosted in google apps and ready for your use.

adeaHOST can be able to configure your domain to be able to use google apps engine. This means that you can be able to access the thousands of applications available in the google cloud. The applications that you can access are Google mails (just like gmail but on your domain), google docs (have the office online; word and spreadsheet), google calendar, google tasks, google groups, google sites and many more. This means that once we configure your domain to run on google apps engine, your will get features that you would have paid for for free.

Google Mail

This is the most releiable and effective emailing platform you can ever have. Google has let us use their award winning gmail interface and platform to run our emails. Therefore you will have your emails hosted by google just where they host their gmail. How releiable and safe. Through the email, you will be able to access the rest of the applications including google tasks, google docs, google calendar and many more.

Google Sites

If you know how to develop a google site or owns a developed google site, then you do not need a designed. We will configure your domain to point into your google site. Then once people go to your domain, they will find the google sites. What other cheaper way of getting a website than that.