Host your business online – Web Hosting


Host your business online – Web Hosting

The success of an online business is on the reliability of the web hosting. If you have very efficient web server, then your business can be guaranteed to open 24 hours a day throughout the year.

First, let’s introduce you to web hosting. Web hosting or web space or web server is where you store your online files and emails. Once you create your website, you will need to host it on the web server for the world to find it. You also need a space where you can store the email messages that your clients send.

The use of web hosting is to:

  1. Host the website pages
  2. Host the email messages
  3. Host the email marketing platform
  4. Host other domain names

A good web host should have the following:

  1. Enough web space and bandwidth.
  2. Have Cpanel (Control Panel to manage the hosting)
  3. Have unlimited databases (MYSQL is preferred)
  4. Have unlimited email accounts hosting capability.
  5. Should be reliable. Have a 99 percent uptime
  6. Have ability to create sub domains
  7. Up scalable web hosting for future expansion
  8. Backup services (At least weekly backups if not daily)
  9. Should be affordable.
  10. Great support in case of downtime.

It’s always advisable to get hosting from the same person who will register your domain name. This ensures that the integration between the domain name and web hosting is seemless. It also reduces on your annual cost of maintaining the website and a one point on contact for support.

We are assuming that you already have a domain name. If yes, go ahead and get web hosting. If not, you can still get one together with the hosting. To get hosting, click GET WEB HOSTING NOW

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