Google Apps Engine


Google Apps Engine

Google Apps Engine

Google is google. That when google likes you, you get real good friends. If otherwise, you are doomed. With all its might in the internet and web world, google has brought to web developers a saviour. Google Apps engine.

Google apps engine is a cloud. Here, you can be able to choose the platform that you need hosted and in a few clicks have it installed in your account. Applications like accounting, ERP, CRM, marketing, sales leads generation, emailing and many more are hosted in google apps and ready for your use.

adeaHOST can be able to configure your domain to be able to use google apps engine. This means that you can be able to access the thousands of applications available in the google cloud. The applications that you can access are Google mails (just like gmail but on your domain), google docs (have the office online; word and spreadsheet), google calendar, google tasks, google groups, google sites and many more. This means that once we configure your domain to run on google apps engine, your will get features that you would have paid for for free.

Google Mail

This is the most releiable and effective emailing platform you can ever have. Google has let us use their award winning gmail interface and platform to run our emails. Therefore you will have your emails hosted by google just where they host their gmail. How releiable and safe. Through the email, you will be able to access the rest of the applications including google tasks, google docs, google calendar and many more.

Google Sites

If you know how to develop a google site or owns a developed google site, then you do not need a designed. We will configure your domain to point into your google site. Then once people go to your domain, they will find the google sites. What other cheaper way of getting a website than that.

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