Creating your identity online – Domain Name


Creating your identity online – Domain Name

We are all known by identities. That’s why you have a name, your business has a name and your school has a name. Identity is king. Online, you will need to have an identity. This will be what we will all know your business with. Online identities are called domain names. They are actually web addresses. A web address starts with a www. and ends with a domain extension like .com, .org, .net etc Online, identity is everything. Your identity can make the difference between making money online. A well thought identity easily shifts into a brand.

Identity: This is what you want the world to identify your business with. Your online identity should be related to your business. It could be your name or business name.

Brand: Your identity is what you develop into your brand. Anything else will follow your brand. This is what will give you long time business. If you wish to develop more than one passion (both yours or within your family), you could go the brand way. The passions would all ride on a brand name.

Domain Name: With your identity and your brand-to-be, then think of a domain name. A domain name is your web address. This is what you will market. It will be your brand. Your customers will know your business by it. The few aspects to consider in selecting your domain name are:

  1. Should be related to your niche
  2. Should be simple and not difficult to remember. Short is good.
  3. Should be understandable by your market. It should not be controversial
  4. Should be easy to market.

A domain name can have an international extension like .com, .net, .biz or country extensions like (for Kenya), (for South Africa) or niche extensions like .tv

When selecting a domain, you could use the following combinations to come up with a superb domain name that will sell for you. You can use:

  1. Your name. Especially where you are a professional like motivation speaker, author, trainer etc the resultant domain is
  2. Your business name like (where your business name is ADEA AFRICA). Good when your business is known.
  3. Your brand name like (where ADEA is your brand name). Only use this if your brand is known.
  4. Your niche market like This is good if you want to dominate the niche internationally or nationally (you can pick a country domain extension)
  5. Your location. Location only domains are effective if you want to market one thing that the location is best known for like for tourism.
  6. A combination of the following:
    1. Niche  and location like (can be shortened by a country extension like )
    2. Business name and niche like
    3. Business name and location like (especially where you want to take your brand beyond borders. It can be shortened by a country extension like )
    4. Business name, niche and location like  (This can be shortened by a country extension like )

The best domain name selection all depends on what you are selling. If you are selling yourself, then your name is the best domain, if you are selling a product or service, in a certain area, then niche plus location is the best. If you have a business name, it will be worthwhile to include it on the domain to popularize it. My favorite is when I depict my brand and niche in a domain. It kills two birds with one stone.

There are some terms that are often used in the domain world. Domain registration is the process of registering a new domain. Domain renewal is renewal of domain after a certain period. Most people renew domains after every year. Domain transfer is the process of moving domain name from one domain registrar to another. A domain registrar is the authorized entity with the mandate to register, renew and transfer a domain name.

If you would like advice on how to curve out a domain name, you can contact us and we will give you the consult for free.

Remember that domain names are very competitive. If you find one that suits you, register it immediately.

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